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Academic Calendar

The official academic calendar for Oklahoma State University can be found on the OSU Registrar website. OSU-Tulsa follows the same Academic Calendar as OSU-Stillwater.

Academic Integrity

OSU-Tulsa is committed to academic integrity.  The OSU-Stillwater website hosts extensive resources outlining the University’s Academic Integrity policies and procedures, as well as training and reference materials. 

Information can be found at the OSU Academic Integrity website.

Cancelled Classes

Class cancellations are disruptive to students and should be avoided if at all possible.  If you must cancel a class, please notify the unit assistant of your department, as well as the department head, as soon as possible.  You should also notify faculty support services staff, which will prompt the placement of a sign on your assigned classroom door notifying students of the cancellation.

If you need to arrange a make-up class, please contact to request a room assignment.  Do not assume your current classroom assignment will be available for the make-up class.

Classroom Scheduling

Classrooms are scheduled by the Office of Academic Affairs at OSU-Tulsa.  At times you may find it necessary to change your classroom assignment.  If a change is necessary, or if you need to schedule an additional room for class-related purposes, submit your request to

Every effort will be made to accommodate your request, but space is limited in the evenings on the Tulsa campus.  Requests should be submitted no later than 24 hours prior to the start of your next class meeting.  This will allow multiple offices on the Tulsa campus to coordinate the move, open doors and provide heat/air in the classroom.

Classroom Technology

Classes are equipped with standard whiteboards, markers and eraser cloth.   All classrooms are equipped with a computer and overhead projector.

If the equipment in the classroom fails to turn on, contact the Tulsa Helpdesk at 918-594-8200 or for assistance in troubleshooting problems with equipment.

Course Syllabus and Attachment

Oklahoma State University provides a syllabus attachment each semester and faculty are required to add this information to the course syllabus. The attachment can be found on the OSU academic affairs website.  The syllabus attachment is available as a pdf or word document.

An example of a course syllabus can be found on the OSU academic affairs website under Guide to Success.

Faculty Handbook

A printable version (PDF) of the current OSU faculty handbook can be found at the OSU academic affairs website.

Faculty Resources

Several faculty resources and guides can be found on the OSU Registrar website:

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Information about FERPA and questions frequently asked by students is available at the OSU Registrar website.


The Tulsa campus has an extensive library collection of databases and journals. Visit the library website to view resources and services available for faculty.

Testing Center

The Testing Center at OSU-Tulsa is located in Main Hall 2302 and can be reached at 918-594-8232.  The Center adheres to the professional standards and guidelines for post-secondary test centers provided by the National College Testing Association (NCTA.  The Testing Center is a member of the NCTA, the Consortium of College Testing Centers (CCTC) and the Oklahoma Association of College Testing Personnel (OACTP).

The testing center offers proctored testing for online exams and make-up exams.  Information for utilizing the Testing Center can be found on their website.

Textbook Orders

Textbook orders are coordinated through the academic departments in Stillwater.  Please contact your unit assistant in Stillwater to obtain information regarding deadlines for submission of textbook information. 

The Higher Education Opportunity Act requires universities to provide textbook information to students at the time of their enrollment so it is important to make every effort to select textbooks according to the timeline provided by your department.


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