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Testing Center Policies

Before arriving at the Testing Center, we encourage students to review our policies in including items prohibited in the testing room, accepted idenification, storing personal items and testing room conduct. 
A full list of OSU-Tulsa Testing Center policies can be found below.


  1. Examinees are not allowed to bring unauthorized items into the testing area. Items not permitted in the Testing Room include:

    1. cell phones

    2. cameras or recording devices

    3. pagers or beepers

    4. wireless communication devices of any kind

    5. listening devices (radios, headphones, recorders)

    6. calculators *

    7. notes or books *

    8. food or beverages

    9. hats (without prior approval)

    10. outdoor wear

    11. mechanical pencils

    12. purses

    13. backpacks

    14. watches (including analog, digital and Smartwatch)

    15. paper of any kind *

    16. rulers

  2. Examinees are not permitted to leave the testing room once testing has begun until the test is finished. No breaks are permitted (emergencies excluded) unless a specific exam allows for them.

  3. Examinees must show proper ID before entering the testing room. ID requirements differ among tests. Examinees should review the exam descriptions to find out which forms of ID are required for the exam they wish to take.

  4. Students must know their course number, test number and instructor's name.

  5. Examinees should ask any questions they have before beginning a test.

  6. Students are responsible for supplying any materials specified by the instructor (e.g., scantron sheets, blue books, graphing paper, calculators).

  7. Personal belongings must be left in the lockers. Lockers have limited space, so plan accordingly when bringing items into the Testing Center.

  8. Examinees will be monitored by audio and video while in the testing room; any appearance of cheating will be investigated and an irregularity report filed and reported.

  9. Examinees are asked to be considerate of other test-takers by being as quiet as possible when entering and leaving the testing room.

  10. Talking is not permitted in the testing area.

  11. No food or drinks are allowed in the testing area.

  12. An examinee who arrives and has less than the maximum time allotted before the center closes may be asked to either sign a waiver of time form or to reschedule the test for another date.

  13. Tests must be completed in one sitting.

  14. An examinee with any complaint about the test administration should report it immediately after the test to the proctor or other Testing Center staff. An irregularity report will be filed and investigated.

  15. Examinees must sign in before taking their test.

  16. Examinees may not access personal items at any time after beginning an exam.

  17. Children should not be left unattended in the waiting area. Children are not allowed in the testing room.

*These materials may be allowed with explicit instructor authorization.

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