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Equipment and Usage

The Wellness Center features a wide range of equipment for all fitness levels, locker room and storage facilities for member convenience and a variety of wellness services to help promote general well-being. 

Available equipment and services

Cardio Equipment

  • 3 treadmills

  • 2 ellipticals

  • 2 upright bikes

  • 1 recumbent bike

  • 1 rowing machine

Weight Machines

  • 10 pre-loaded machines

  • 1 bench station

  • 2 squat racks

  • 1 cross-trainer machine

  • 1 seated calf raise machine

  • 1 leg press machine


  • 3 fitness balls

  • 5 medicine balls

  • Resistance bands

  • Ab/stretching mats


  • Male/Female Locker Rooms

  • Two showers in each locker room

  • Small lockers available to rent per semester

  • Cubby spaces to keep personal items during exercise sessions


  • Equipment Orientation

  • Fitness Assessment

  • Blood Pressure Screening


Rules for Usage

The following regulations have been established to provide a safe, comfortable and professional environment for your wellness experience. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding these rules. Our Wellness Center staff would be happy to clarify any issues.



  • Be courteous at all times.

    • Re-rack weight plates after use

    • Return dumbbells to proper location

    • Avoid dropping dumbbells and clanking selected weight stacks

    • Avoid leaning weight plates against machine frames

    • Wipe down equipment with towel after use

    • Allow other members to ‘work-in’ your sets

    • No arguing, foul language or inappropriate gestures

  • All beverages must be in covered, spill-proof containers.

  • Please store all personal belongs (including keys and bags) in a locker.

  • Please do not ask Wellness Center staff to store your belongings at their workstation.

  • Please do not bring workout bags onto the Wellness Center floor.

  • Please use equipment properly. Individuals using the equipment incorrectly will be shown the proper technique.

  • Guests are not allowed in the Wellness Center

Dress Code

    • No sandals, flip flops, slides, Crocs, work boots. Shoes must be worn at all times.
  • Shirts must be worn at all times. Sports bras must be covered with a shirt.
  • Shirts with sexual or racial slogans, crop tops that expose the abdomen, or are see through are not allowed.
  • Shorts that expose the buttocks are not allowed

Failure to follow the rules of usage can result in wellness membership being deactivated.


The best way to learn about the Wellness Center's equipment and how to use it is to schedule an in-person Equipment Orientation with a Wellness Center attendant. This can be scheduled either in-person at the Wellness Center or by calling 918-594-8126.

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